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13:10 | 01/11/18

A pyramid of vibrancy

Paintings by Yehuda Yatziv  (photo credit: HAIM DEOEL LUSKI) Paintings by Yehuda Yatziv (photo credit: HAIM DEOEL LUSKI)
Under the directorship of Gil Goren and with a NIS 12 million grant from Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, the Pyramid Art Center aims high while recognizing a troubled past.
The winter solstice has been celebrated since prehistoric times as a potent time for rebirth, new beginnings and the turning of bad fortunes into good ones. As I walked up from the Haifa street of Wadi Salib from the train station, I gazed at a gleaming building that seemed like the realization of a dream. Originally a school placed in a rough neighborhood of North African immigrants, the building had just been renovated from top to bottom to host 24 workshops, a huge main gallery space, warehouses to contain paintings and sculptures, and even an art library.

A security guard asked me to identity myself, examined my press card and explained that he’s under orders to stop anyone attempting to enter the art center from the bottom – rough – side of town. Most visitors walk down to the art center to arrive at the main entrance, where people are invited to have their photographs taken with a background of an oriental rug and take the print home as a keepsake.

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