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16:40 | 01/11/18

Into the fold and out of the box: Space for creativity and the Creator

 Artwork by Solomon Souza (photo credit: EBIN SANDLER) Artwork by Solomon Souza (photo credit: EBIN SANDLER)
Artists, musicians and writers who embrace Jewish spiritual practice often wonder whether it is possible to pursue the arts while committing to a life of observance.
Religious artists often confront a fork in the road, with the path of observance leading one way, and the creative life winding down a different path. Not only does Judaism involve set prayer times and Shabbat rest, which could hinder an artist’s flow, the tradition’s search for meaning and light also clashes with the more nihilistic tendencies and lack of inhibition embodied in so much of today’s art, music and literature.

While the tension between creativity and religion leads some artists to choose either art or spirituality, others develop their talents as a means to deepen their faith in the Creator, and share their faith with others.


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