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18:37 | 01/11/18

Sweet stories of Jerusalem

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CARTOON by Noam Nadav  (photo credit: NOAM NADAV) CARTOON by Noam Nadav (photo credit: NOAM NADAV)
TV personality Gil Hovav’s memoir of youth in the capital can now bring joy to English-speaking audiences.
Gil Hovav is a consummate storyteller. The journalist, writer and well-known food personality has plenty of tales to tell, recipes to share and jokes to make. And his latest work, Candies from Heaven, which details his eventful and irreverent childhood in Jerusalem, has just been translated into English by Ira Moskowitz to delight an even wider audience.

Hovav comes from some serious stock. His great-grandfather was Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the man considered the patriarch of modern Hebrew. His grandfather, Itamar Ben-Avi, was one of Israel’s first serious journalists. And his parents, Moshe and Drora Hovav, were pioneers of Israeli radio.


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