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17:18 | 01/11/18

What can I do to be helpful?

Illustrative (photo credit: DAMON GASCON/TNS) Illustrative (photo credit: DAMON GASCON/TNS)
When a man is silent, women think something is wrong.
City boy David is persuaded by country girl Julie to go camping. Putting up the tent, David pounds the tent stake into his finger with the hammer and begins hopping and dancing about while crying out many expletives about the absurdity of going into the woods when staying in the city was just fine. Realizing that she may have made a serious error in judgment when suggesting camping as a shared experience, Julie runs over to David immediately upon hearing him scream to see how he is and offer comfort and assistance.

To her surprise, David is annoyed by Julie’s presence and gruffly asks her to leave him alone. His angry tone is quite confusing, given that she is trying so hard to be helpful and supportive. When, 10 minutes later, David comes over to Julie, acting as if nothing had ever happened, it is Julie’s turn to be annoyed and silent. It was bad enough that he didn’t want her, chased her away and left her feeling rejected, but to not even attempt to apologize for his “abusive behavior” just made things worse. After a few hours, Julie decides to forgive David and they try not letting the “fight” dampen their evening. The next day, returning to the city, David gets a tetanus shot.


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