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20:56 | 01/10/18

Jenna Jameson tweets against Holocaust memorial desecration

Jenna Jameson (photo credit: REUTERS) Jenna Jameson (photo credit: REUTERS)
She called the desecraters "the scourge of the earth"
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Entrepreneur and former porn star Jenna Jameson responded to a tweet by Jewish Agency spokesman Avi Mayer regarding the desecration of the Thessaloniki Holocaust memorial Wednesday, tweeting: “These people are scourge of the earth.”

Mayer’s tweet read “Appalling: Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki, Greece desecrated with Free Palestine'' graffiti. 94% of the city's 50,000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis, virtually wiping out the Jewish community; today only about 1,000 Jews remain.”

Jameson, a Jewish convert who is married to Israeli Lior Bitton, has long been very vocal about her support for Jews and Israel. She identifies as a Zionist.

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