Israel’s rich biblical history can be found in the country’s archaeology. The Jerusalem Post shares the latest on archaeological excavations at significant biblical and historical sites in Israel and the region.

 RESEARCHERS INSIDE an archaeological site near Beit Guvrin, 2011. The protagonist-girl goes on an adventurous dig in the area.

Book takes children on an archaeological adventure in Israel - review

 Chicha served at the yearly "Fiesta del Huán", winter solstice ceremony awaiting the rising Sun (Sué) in Muisca and various other indigenous traditions.

Ancient Peruvians may have served hallucinogenic drink at political meets

 A man poses next to excavated remains of a Britain's largest ichthyosaur, at Rutland Water, Rutland county, Britain.

Largest 'sea dragon' fossil unearthed in Britain

 Slaves’ Hill in the center of the Timna Valley.

Israel’s mines had ‘Start-Up Nation managers, engineers’ 3,000 years ago

A general view of the Al Hajar mountains near Ibri, Oman, November 27, 2019.

4,000-year-old gameboard uncovered by Polish, Omani archaeologists

 A neglected armory in Mantua, Italy, will become a "House of Remembrance" to spotlight the town's Jewish history.

Mantua, Italy, building Jewish museum on burial site of Kabbalist masters

 A statue of Hercules and a lion

Have archaeologists finally discovered the long-lost temple of Hercules?

SKeleton in a fetal position

Archaeologists find bound mummy in fetal position in Peru

 The “Royal Building” in the Ophel Park, identified by the researchers as the Royal Treasury

Biblical name seals shed light on First Temple treasuries

 The rare stone toilet is 2700 years old. Most likely used by one of the dignitaries of Jerusalem.

2,700-year-old toilet reveal: First Temple Jews had gut parasites

 An 81 mm. mortar shell from the British Mandate discovered near Kibbutz Ma’aleh Hahamisha on January 1, 2021.

Mortar shell from British Mandate period discovered in forest near Jerusalem

A police officer stands near a Moroccan national flag near the main stadium during preparations for the FIFA Club World Cup in Agadir, December 10, 2013.

Researchers discover ruins of ancient Jewish community in Morocco

By Jordyn Haime/JTA
 Robinson's Arch, located to the right of the Western Wall

150 years of excavating Jerusalem: A rich layer cake

 Illustrative photo of a skeleton

First Bronze Age volcanic eruption victims found after 3,500 years

Uncovered Hurcules statue 311

Unfinished Roman-era statue found in old Macedonian capital Veria

 The floor of the synagogue in Side, Turkey, features a plaque with Greek and Hebrew inscriptions.

Excavations reveal ancient synagogue in Turkish town near tourist hotspot

  The underwater discovery of the gold ring.

Ancient underwater treasure found in Caesarea with Christian gold ring

 Prof. Ran Barkai with ancient  elephant bone.

Humans, not climate change, caused herbivores mega-extinction – Israeli study

 Silos at Tel Tsaf.

Prehistoric Israelis enjoyed their booze some 7,000 years ago


120-million-year-old bird may have used long tongue to catch food -study

 Bar-Kochba era artifacts seized by police on December 8th.

Authorities believe looted Bar Kochba artifacts were Roman army spoils

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