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 Members of the Hadza, a modern hunter-gatherer people living in northern Tanzania, singing and dancing

Exercise can slow your aging process. Here's the proof

Woman doing exercise at home

Six exercises to tone your glute muscles 

By Karin Lazarovich Zanzori
One of the most helpful things you can do is exercise: be it jogging, walking, biking or yoga

5 minutes of exercise an hour could make you healthier

By Walla!
 Woman walking

If you can’t manage 10,000 steps a day, do this instead

By Walla!
 Back pain

Ease your back pain in seconds - here's how

By Walla!
In the words of Elle Woods: Exercise gives you endorphins,  and endorphins make you happy

Exercise won't help you lose weight. Here's the disappointing reason why

By Walla!
 Man exercises (illustrative)

How to do sit-ups correctly


Here’s the fastest way to burn calories

By Walla!

How often do you need to exercise to get in shape? 

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 Asian women workout (illustrative)

Could playing music under 120 bpm slow spread of COVID-19?

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 ABDUL RUNS with Emmanuelle Avrahami (center) and Marian Awad, Israeli National Women’s Soccer Team players – pulling sand sleds they will fill with garbage as part of their workout, as Ran Shneck films them for an Environmental Fitness video

Meet the people keeping fit while caring for the environment

 Man exercises (illustrative)

Here are five exercises to start your day

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Back pain relief

Are you already 40? This is what’s waiting for you physically

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