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Articles on how to achieve your spiritual living goals

Where to turn for mental health?

Mental illness among teens at a crisis since COVID-19

 Dr. Bergman, the first patient Jeremiah Kozari and Dr. Shiner.

Controversial Alzheimer's drug administered for first time in Israel

 MANY TEENS felt extremely lonely, bored and frustrated.

Is COVID-19 driving our teens to drugs, alcohol? - opinion

 Baby on physio ball

Israeli scientists identify autism within a year after birth - study

 Woman has a drink

What makes women drink more alcohol than men?

By Walla!
 Medical clown Fifi with a patient

Can laughing really heal?

 Stroke (illustrative)

Can getting angry cause a stroke? Doctors explain

By Walla!
‘A SINGLE QUESTION serves as the sole criterion for whether or not a couple should stay together: Do you still love each other?’

Difficult conversations: When people disagree

 Oxygen piping and regulator on the wall of an ambulance.

Oxygen treatments help people with depression -study

 Viagra tablet

Viagra potentially cuts risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease -study


How to build self-confidence and perseverance, from an expert

 Brain of a child with ADHD with overall reduced volume and a proportional reduction in the left-sided prefrontal cortex.

What causes ADHD? New Israeli study may have found out

Oodles of reading material at an old bookstore in Safed

Did you know? Books in childhood affect the way the brain ages

By Walla!
Enjoy the silence

Creating a safe place in the chaos of life

Man plays guitar (illustrative)

Most Alzheimer's patients don’t lose this area of memory

By Dr. Ayelet Dassa
Green salad with arugula and berries

Tired all the time? These are the foods that will help you feel alert

By Walla!
 Gambling on poker (Illustrative)

Addiction, COVID-19, and how to help

 Happy businessman

This is how much free time you need every day to be happy

By Walla!

US study shows Israeli device effective against chronic migraines

 Woman with a headache

Ouch! Cluster headaches are the headaches of the transition seasons

By Dr. Amnon Musak/Walla!
ASK YOURSELF honestly if you control your time or if it controls you

COVID, anxiety, social media addictions - how to build a health routine

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