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 Mother with newborn baby in the nursing pillow

Here's what not to say to a first-time mother

 Parents with their child (Illustrative)

Considering shared parenting? Read this first

By Aimee Bonnie Bechor
 Mother and child

Is your kid going head-to-head with you? Here's what you've got to do

By Daniel Saransky
 A girl experiences menstrual cramps and period pains (Illustrative)

How one bad habit landed a 13-year-old in the emergency room

By Walla!
 Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash speak at a press conference, January 2022

Israeli same-sex couples, trans, single fathers approved for surrogacy

 Sarah Kaye, 51, enjoys time with Shylee, 7

Midlife babies: Older parents of younger children weigh in

 Potty training

How to toilet train your toddler

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA
Sad teen (illustrative)

Here’s how to protect your kids from sexual abuse

By Dr. Shira Soffer-Vital
Moving to new house

Smooth move: 5 tips for moving with a baby

By Daniel Saransky
 Finger paint

Ideas for DIY baby toys and games

By Daniel Saransky
 Baby with pacifier

Life without pacifiers doesn’t have to suck - 3 reasons

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA
 Kid with missing teeth

Was your child hit in the mouth? This is what you must do

By Dr. Shlomo Mizrachi
 Mom on phone with baby

Should you be on the phone when you are with your baby?

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA
 Crying baby (illustrative)

How to catch juvenile diabetes before it is life-threatening

By Walla!
 Pillow fight

Free-range parenting experiment leaves at least one kid in tears

By Walla!
Preschool classroom

6 signs you may need to change your child’s preschool

By Daniel Saransky
 Mother and child

5 things moms can do to stay calm when parenting gets rough

By Daniel Saransky

4 steps to show your child the right way to apologize

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA
 A toddler girl crying

How to handle it when a child prefers one parent over another

By Daniel Saransky
 Abuse (illustrative)

3 ways to teach teens to recognize marital abuse 

 Toddler and mother talking

When should a child’s pronunciation issues be addressed?

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA
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