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 Artist impression of planet WASP-103b and its host star.

Scientists find exoplanet shaped like deformed football, not sphere - study

 An asteroid is seen heading towards the planet in this artistic rendition.

Massive asteroids can sneak up on Earth by appearing slower - study

 Visual representation of bullying.

Feeling bored makes you more likely to act sadistically - study

 Earth as seen from space.

Rutgers researchers find protein structures linked to origins of life - study

 An asteroid is seen heading towards the planet in this artistic rendition.

Large asteroid stronger than nuke heading towards Earth late January

 Water pitcher

New technology from Technion removes toxins from drinking water

People walk on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem last week, some wearing masks, others not.

Researchers develop device that can detect exposure to COVID-19

An artist's impression of supernova 1993J, an exploding star in the galaxy M81 whose light reached us 21 years ago.

A stellar find: Israeli scientists detect supernova thought to be impossible

 A bottlenose dolphin.

New study on female dolphins' anatomy sheds light on reproductive patterns

 Artistic impression of a material disc with illuminated gas around Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

The supermassive black hole in our galaxy is unpredictable - study

Right to left: Department of Biomedical Engineering - Dr. Gili Bisker and Dr. Tali Ilovitsh; School of Electrical Engineering - Dr. Gideon Segev and Dr. Shay Solomon; School of Computer Science - Dr. Nir Bitansky; Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Medicine - Dr. Eric Shifrut

Six Tel Aviv University researchers receive ERC grants

 A volcano, Volcan de Fuego, is seen erupting in Guatemala (illustrative).

Some volcano hotspots are colder than they should be, scientists reveal

The launch of the "COTS-Capsule" on top of the Cargo Dragon C209 spacecraft

TAU launches radiation shielding tech into space for further testing

A spinning fluid of quantum particles breaks up into a crystal formed from swirling, tornado-like structures.

MIT physicists create 'quantum tornadoes' out of ultracold atoms

 DR. ALLONA VAZAN of Astrophysics Research Center of the Open University: What I care about is if there is a process of planets losing mass and how fast they lose it, as well as the types of metals in the atmosphere.

Young Israeli researcher excited to be part of NASA’s Webb Telescope study team

 THE INTERNATIONAL Space Station photographed by Expedition 56 crew members from a Soyuz spacecraft after undocking in 2018.

Scientists conduct biotech research in space - study

Bar Ilan University, engineering department

Bar-Ilan researchers discover new lupus treatment

 CURRENTLY, 1,113,527 asteroids are known to exist in the solar system.

Asteroids can destroy the Earth, asteroid mining can help save it

 Bacteria which contain a "dormant" parasitic element (blue) are awakening and getting yellow in the presence of bacteria which do not contain the element (red).

Game Theory may be useful in combatting viruses- TAU study

Blind walking cane (Illustrative)

New platform allows blind people to 'see' virtual reality

 GPCR Voltage Dependance COntrols Neuronal Plasticity and Behavior

TAU researchers find link between electric voltage and brain adaptability

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